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Volterra is a three thousand year-old small town nested on the top of a hill more than 500 m high (1650 feet) on the sea level. It is surrounded by the valley of the river Cecina to south-west and, to north-east, by the valley of the river Era. A place where you can experience milleniums of history, art, archeology and culture from the Etruscans to the Romans, from the Middle Ages to Renaissance simply strolling through its narrow streets, unique squares, winning artisan shops and charming landscapes.

Essential Volterra:This itinerary starts from ‘Porta all’Arco’, rare example of Etruscan military architecture, gateway belonging to the 4th c. BC city walls, and proceeds to Piazza San Giovanni with the antique Cathedral and Baptistery. A few steps away lays Piazza dei Priori, symbol of the civic and political power, and two of the most interesting examples of Medieval buildings: the Buomparenti tower-houses. Walking along Via dei Sarti the Reinassance Palazzo Minucci-Solaini, housing the city picture gallery, can be admired. A narrow passage leads to the astonishing view over the remains of a Roman theatre and Roman baths. The tour ends in Piazza San Michele with its Medieval church and tower-houses.

For a deeper knowledge:
A stroll up to the Park Enrico Fiumi where the ancient acropolis was placed and where today stands a Renaissance Fortress now a top security prison.
- Etruscan museum Guarnacci
- Pinacoteca (city picture gallery)
- Palazzo dei Priori (Town hall palace)
- an alabaster shop
- tasting of typical local products


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