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Guided walking tour of " Bologna churches"


Our churches are so numerous and important for history and art that it would be impossible to see all of them during your first visit in Bologna. According to your personal feelings, time and desires, Guide Bologna will make a selection of two or three for you and your visit will be enriched in details and emotions.. a couple of churches out of classical tours:

Church of San Domenico, where the Dominican Order was born and where the remains patron saint of Bologna, Saint Dominic, are kept. You'll see some important works by Nicolò Pisano, Nicolò da Bari, Michelangelo, Guercino, and Guido Reni. The wooden choir is an outstanding example of Renaissance carving (1528-40).The convent next door is also worth visiting for its cloisters and library, planned like a basilica, which dates back to 1466.

The Sanctuary of the Madonna of S. Luca is found outside the city on top of the Hill of the Guard. Atop the hill is a beautiful view that overlooks all of Bologna. The sanctuary guards the famous picture of the Virgin with the Child (traditionally attributed to the apostle Luca) was transported from Byzance to Bologna thanks to a long series of events that your guide Bologne will describe in detail. Once on the top, enjoy the landscape, breath the fresh air and the mystical atmosphere. And why not… read a few pages taken from “The Broker” by John Grisham to find out the best panoramic view or the portico (among the 666) where Caterina fell and broke her leg!



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