To visit Bologne, Dozza, Maranello
With a private licensed guide



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Guided walking tour of " gastronomy"


Visiting two food markets downtown you will discover the narrow alleys and I will reveal you legends, recipes, history and rules about Bolognese gastronomy


Form tagliatella to lasagne, through Certosino cake or Tortellini, each dish has a real code and some of them are registered to the chamber of trade and industry.


Anywhere, a typical food store offer its windows and products to be immortalized by your zoom and if all your 5 senses claim to be satisfied, then try different tasting stops in our historic shops: Parmigiano, Mortadella, prosciutto, salami, olives, balsamic vinaigre, chocolats, breads, ice creams…



Gatronomy tour : 3 h



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