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Guided walking tour of " Bologna music"


ozart, Rossini, Padre Martini, Farinelli, Wagner... Many important names are linked to Bologna... our tour must start with the sixtin chapel of Bologna, dedicated to the patroness of musicians: SAINT CECILY.

Beautiful frescoes from the XVI° C recall us the life of the saint. Different churches boast magnificient organs as the one in Santa Maria dei Servi with a mechanical transmission and 60 registers. The theatre inaugurated in 1763 with “IL trionfo di Clelia “ bu Gluck is on Piazza Verdi, while close by is Piazza Rossini with the Conservatorio. The house of Giocchino is not far away but the most important is Palazzo Sanguinetti now seat of one of the international museum and music library, one of the most prestigious in the world for the collection of books, instruments, portraits, scores and more.

The original nucleus of the musical collections of the museum is merit of Father Giovanni Battista Martini (Bologna, 24th April 1706- 3rd August 1784), who is one of the most renowned and complex figure of the 18th century European music field and also taught Johnann Christian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.He continuously enriched the library with his collected manuscripts, various musical pieces, and the same assiduity musician’s portraits that adorn the library’s walls in the monastery of St. Francesco.


Guided music tour : max 3 hrs, not on Monday.



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