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Did you know that Bologna is famous for its towers? More than 100 it is said, existed in Bologna, but passing time, natural events and human progresses were the cause for their demise. Today, the red city still boasts and jealously hides 18 proud and beautiful towers. It could be quite a hard job finding them unless you have expert eyes helping you out! A symbol of Bologna, the towers were strongly built as important military fortifications and also as social pride for each prestigious family. Each has its own personal history: glory, love, humiliation, prison…A stroll in Bologna will bring us back to this old time!Let me introduce some of them:

THE ASINELLI TOWER: The highest in the city (97,20 meters) and was constructed in the first years of XII the century. It is open to the public and if you want, you can climb to the top but, be warned, you'll have to climb 498 steps.

THE GARISENDA TOWER: Dante Alighieri, then student in Bologna, mentioned this tower and its noticeable slant in his famous book "The Divine Comedy". For emergency reasons, it has been lowered and today it is 48,16 meters high with a slope of 3,22 meters.

THE PRENDIPARTE TOWER: Dating back to the XII° century, it is now 60 meters high and its 12 floors are easily accessible. Over the course of centuries, it has been under ownership of various families and was even a prison for an archbishop. Today, we can still admire the devote or funny sketches drawn on the walls by prisoners. From the terrace on the very top, you can enjoy the most beautiful sunset in Bologna and why not organize a drink for friends or guests! The Prendiparte tower is now an exclusive B&B and if you stay in Bologna do not miss the opportunity to rent a room made of 12 floors and nearly 1000 years old! ( see contact on the “partners” section)


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