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Guided walking tour of "Bologna the learned"


All about the oldest university in the world. We start our scientist tour from the ARCHIGINNASIO: This palace was constructed in 1563 was the seat of Bologna's University and is now the civic library. The vaults of the grand staircases and halls are covered with coats of arms made by and for the students and teatchers. Inside the ANATOMY THEATRE: Made of wood to teach anatomy, we can find the famous statues of Spellati created by Ercole Lelli and we will speak about the first difficulties that Medecine had to cope with in the past. Our tour will lead us to the university district, crowdy with students, and we will visit the PALAZZO POGGI rich of ancient collections wich belonged to the sciences insititutes: Physic instruments, Natural elements from Ulisse Aldrovandi, Uterus made of terracotta for the obstetrician school, wax statues... a very strange world all to be explained!


Let me tell you a few that you shouldn’t miss out:
Naval and Antique Maps : precious models of ships dating from the 17th and 18th centuries.
Museum of Human Anatomy:Anatomic wax models, complete section of human osteology and myology.
Obstetric Museum : Quite unique in 18th century: Life-sized models of the uterus shown in the various stages of pregnancy and different situations regarding the fetus.
Physics Museum, astronomy and biology, various instruments :one of the most important physics studios of the time.
Museum of Astronomical Observatory (Specola): Contains instruments from 1704, the Lusverg semicircular mural and the Campani telescope, the globes by Blaeu and an armillary sphere by D. ( not on sat. PM and sun.)


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