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Lake Maggiore Tours : ARONA


We walk in the historical centre of the old town to discover the church dedicated to Sa. Martiri Graziano and Felino founded in the 10th c. but today in new gothic style, then the church of the Nativity of the Virgin rebuilt in the 15th c. and restored by Cardinal Federico Borromeo, inside paintings by Gaudenzio Ferrari and Morazzone.

Piazza del Popolo square where the old Broletto and the church of Saint Mary of Loreto are. The Archaeological Museumfrom the Bronze Age to the Renaissance.

The Sacro Monte of Saint Charles: the hill behind Arona where the big statue representing the saint is. It was built at the end of 1600s and it is called San Carlone.

The Cardinal Federico Borromeo, asked to built it and the church, the former to remember his cousin the latter to have the reconstruction of the Saint Charles’ room called “of three lakes” which was in the castle of Arona.




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