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Lake Maggiore Tours : BORROMEOS ISLANDS


We take the public or the private boat to reach Isola Bella, Beautiful Island, we visit here the famous Borromeo Palace, built by Charles III Borromeo in the XVII century.

It boasts ornate rooms dating back to the XVII and XVIII c. with valuable furniture, interesting paintings and Flemish tapestries…And the Grottoes: six unique rooms, decorated with white and black pebbles, surprise us.

Its wondrous Italian style gardens blend perfectly to create a spectacular scene where white peacocks live.

We will leave this island to go to Isola dei Pescatori, Upper Island is the real name, but it is known as Fishermans’ Island, because of the main activity of the inhabitants.

We walk in a charming village, its narrow streets of cobble stones, its quaint houses built around the church dedicated to Saint Victor, the old Romanesque apse and the baroque altar.



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