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Lake Maggiore Tours : CENTO VALLI


Vigezzo Valley is known as the valley of painters. Here many famous international artists stole the beauties and the colours of its landscapes to leave testimonies all around Europe.

In Santa Maria Maggiore, capital of the valley, the Parish Church of Our Lady of the Assumption and the Museum of the chimney-sweep opened to remember the tradition of this valley, from here many small boys left to reach  the big towns.

In Re the Sanctuary dedicated to the virgin of blood was built on the same site as the miracle. The Cento valli Train runs through the valley to reach Switzerland.

You can leave from Domodossola or Locarno, in Switzerland. The small train runs through the “Cento valli” (hundred valleys), it passes through green meadows, thick woods and over gorges with sparkling waterfalls. 52 kilometres of railway line, 83 bridges and viaducts. We can stop in the main villages to visit them.




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