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Lake Maggiore Tours : Lake Orta


Lake Orta or Cusio is to the west of lake Maggiore  just behind Mount Mottarone.

The most western of Italian lakes, lake Orta has only one river that flows out at the Northern end: the river Nigolia which flows into the Strona river and together with the Toce river reach lake Maggiore.

The “Riviera”, this is the old name for this part of the lake, had its capital in Orta; but the history of the lake started long before this period, in the IV c.

when Giulio and his brother Giuliano arrived here and then through the centuries with the power of the prince-bishops and a certain peace and quite.

We propose to discover the lakes, their secrets, their marvels with official English speaking guides. We work with small groups, familis with children, travel groups, associations.....

Let yourself be will discover a new world!!!



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