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Guided tour of Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore is divided into three parts: in Italy between the two regions of Lombardy and Piedmont and the third is the Canton Ticino in Switzerland.

The mild climate helps the development of botanical gardens famous all over the world, the Borromeo Islands: Madre Island and Bella Island, Villa Taranto Garden, Villa Pallavicino Garden… tropical and exotic rare plants are now the beauty and the charm of this area.

The frame of lake Maggiore are the peaks of the Alps and here is the largest National Park in Italy: the Val Grande.

The history of our lake has always been related to that of Lombardy, you are reminded of the domination of the Viscontis and Sforzas. But to enter the heart of our history it is better to turn, to have a look at the Borromeo family who arrived here in 1429. The Borromeos are the protagonist of many famous episodes.

Many famous artists, princes and princess, politicians and writers left some souvenirs of lake Maggiore.

In different periods Napoleon, Flaubert, Stendhal, Queen Victory, Hemingway and many others passed here and each one was charmed by the beauty of the area.

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