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Ambrosiana art gallery

The Ambrosiana Art Gallery is named after S. Ambros, the Patron Saint of the city of Milan. In 1618, the Cardinal Federico Borromeo founded the Ambrosiana donating over 200 paintings of his private collection to create a new Art Gallery.
Cardinal Federico Borromeo's aim was to give the art students attending the new accademy of Fine Arts, paintings as models to imitate. Our guided tour aims at showing you that this donation is the starting point of one of the most important art galleries in Milan.
You will see sculptures, precious objects and paintings, some of the best Venetian and Lombard paintings and a collection of sketches. Among the master-pieces we will see Caravaggio’s "Fruit Basket", Botticelli’s "Madonna of the Baldacchino" and Raffaello’s original drawing used as a design for his "School of Athens" at the Vatican in Pope Jules II apartment. We will also see Leonardo’s "Portrait of a Musician" , Leonardo’s student, Ambrogio De Predis’ "Profile of a noble Woman" and Titian’s "Adoration of the Magi". In the same building we can find the Ambrosian Library founded by the Cardinal, a collection of ancient manuscripts, Leonardo Da Vinci’s "Codex Athlanticus".
The important collection of note-books, drawings and notes deserve a special mention. There is an exceptional exhibition plan until 2015, where at turns some of the original Leonardo’s drawings are in display.

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