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Love stories

Milanese people are very practical, efficient and are hard workers. They made Milan famous as Italy’s economical capital. However, the Milanese are not as emotionless as they are renowned to be. In fact, Milan has been the scene for several romantic and passionate love stories, as well as dangerous jealousies. If you want to know more, you should take our “Love Stories between Milan and Lake Como” – tour. It is a full day tour and it includes sites in Milan and sites at Lake Como, because the noble and rich Milanese families have always owned summer houses and villas at Lake Como. Love stories often start on holidays and they continue in the city. We start in Milan, at the Sforza Castle, where the duke Ludovico Sforza (il Moro) was entertained by his lovers. Cecilia Gallerani was his favorite and he commissioned Leonardo da Vinci to portrait her. A century later, at the Castle, another charming noble lady: Bianca Maria Visconti di Challant, married one of the most powerful men in the XVI century, Ermes Visconti. After his death she remarried, she left her second husband and made her lovers fight one against the other. The royal palace in Milan was the scene of Beatrice di Tenda’s execution due to her husband’s jealousy. Palazzo Marino was Marianna da Leyva’s house, mentioned in the Italian novel “I Promessi Sposi”. Stendhal, the French novelist, was a guest at Palazzo Belgioioso, and was madly in love with the beautiful Matilde.Our tour continues to lake Como, where we will take a cruise to see these love sites from the Lake. We can see Villa Olmo, where Garibaldi, the Italian national hero, fell in love with Giuseppina Raimondi. In Cernobbio we can see Villa d’Este. Nowadays it is a de-luxe hotel, mentioned by Forbes as one of the best Grand Hotels in the world. Just to mention a few episodes of gossip columns, we will tell you about Wally Simpson and King Edward VIII of England. In the thirties they were on holiday at Villa d’Este, and while they were taking a boat tour near to Villa d’Este’s peer, a ‘Paparazzo’ took the pictures that divulged their secret love story to the whole world. Villa d’Este was also the scene of a passionate crime that filled the newspaper’s front-pages, known as the ‘Bellentanis Murder’. In the XIX century Villa d’Este was the scene of the love story of the noble Bartolomeo Calderara and his wife, a former dancer. Not far away, in Moltrasio, we can see the Villa of Giuditta Turrina Cantù, who fell desperately in love with the musician Vincenzo Bellini, her next door neighbor. On the other side of the lake we can see Giuditta Pasta’s Villa, Bellini’s favorite soprano. Villa Pliniana was the scene for overwhelming love between Emilio Barbiano di Belgiojoso and Anne Berthiere, Princess of Wagram. Just a couple of kilometers away, in Laglio, we can see George Clooney’s villa. Several “paparazzi” in the neighborhood documented Clooney’s flirts as well as those of his VIP guests. Last but not least, in Bellagio we can see where Franz Liszt fell in love with Marie Christine D’Angout.

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