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Portinari Chapel Vicenzo Foppa

The Portinari Chapel is at S. Eustorgio church, a milanese IX century church. It has frescoed walls and rich decorations. We propose the following guided tour: You will learn about the Portinari family; they were bankers and they represented the Medici family in Milan and in the Flamish countries.

The Portinari family were very important patrons and they loved to surround themselves with precious objects. The main founder member of the Bank of Medici in Milan, Pigello Portinari, wants this chapel as his own mausoleum, and as burial place for his family. Our guided tour will give you the possibility to admire all the decorations and the Lombard painter Vincenzo Foppa’s frescoes representing the Doctors of the Church and some episodes of S. Peter The Martyr’s life and his most decorated grave, one of Giovanni Balduccio Da Pisa’s master-pieces.

The IV century church is named S. Eustorgio after the milanese bishop. According to a tradition Eustorgio brought the 3 Wise Men's relics to Milan, but are now in Koln (Germany). The S. Eustorgio church was rebuilt several times, it has 3 naves and side family chapels, all frescoed in the XIV century. In some of these chapels we will see some family graves of the Visconti, the noble ruling family of Milan. Our guided tour will give you the possibility to visit the remains of a III and IV century necropolis, recently discovered below the church.

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