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Renaissance is a glamour time

In the XIV and XV century Milan achieves great economical and artistic growth. The ruling family, Sforza, are important Maecenaes and they hire important artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Bramante. Our tour starts at the Sforza castle, residence of the family Sforza and their artists. Here Leonardo Da Vinci worked as painter, sculptor, hydraulic engineer for his patrons and he also organized parties and feasts for the family. Now the castle has turned into the city museum where we can see the Sala delle asse frescoed by Leonardo and the last “Pietà” by Michelangelo. We continue on to “Santa Maria presso San Satiro” church. San Satiro is the older church dating back to IX century, incorporated in a new church projected by Bramante. Here we will see the Bramantesque jewels: The Sacresty- today Baptistery, and as we walk slowly to the altar, the apse will appear to become flatter and flatter because Bramante actually simulated an apse on a flat wall  by using perspective rules. Our tour will end with the visit of the San Maurizio church. We refer to this church as the Sistine chapel of Milan because it was entirely frescoed by Leonardo's pupils. In addition, we can agree to add an extra site to our visit: Leonardo's most famous painting “The Last Supper” but only if we book tickets well in advance.

Walking tour
Sforza Castle museum entrance fee: 3 euro
Sforza Castle closed on Monday
San Maurizio church closed on Monday and Tuesday
Last Supper subject to booking

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Our guided walking tour



.You can book your visits at any time

.Entries and transportation are never included in the cost of the visit

.Duration 3 hours

.To visit the churches a proper attire is required.

.The program can be modified according to the closing days of the museums and monuments 


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