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Capodimonte and San Martino

CAPODIMONTE MUSEUM The Royal Palace of Capodimonte is situated on the top of a hill and surrounded by a wonderful park. It represents a magnificent example of the 18th century architecture. Precious collections of paintings (with masterpieces by Caravaggio, Raffaello, Tiziano, Carracci), porcelains, furniture and objets d'art. The Palace also hosts a gallery of 19th century works of art and the Royal Apartments, with furniture and decorations in different styles and of different ages, the China and majolica collections and the arms museum.


SAN MARTINO MUSEUM AND VILLA FLORIDIANA The Carthusian Monastery of San Martino, the so-called “crown of Naples” is beautifully located on top of the Vomero hill and has a unique view on the city besides the most enchanting Neapolitan baroque church. Not far away the new-classical residence of Villa Floridiana, a present of the king of Naples, Ferdinand IV of the Bourbon family to his second wife, Lucia Partanna duchess of Floridia. The villa houses a very sophisticated collection belonging to Placido di Sangro, Duca di Martina, whose varied taste and interest are well represented in the collection, from paintings to coral jewellery, traditional crib scenes, porcelain, prints and ivory carvings.

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.To visit the churches a proper attire is required.

.The program can be modified according to the closing days of the museums and monuments




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