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Palermo baroque tour

Sicily was ruled by the Spaniards for a long time and when the Baroque Italian innovation began, in Palermo lived the Spanish viceroys and influenced the local architecture.

Palermo was a rich capital, able to invest money and decorate beautiful churches quite often built with a modest exterior and a unique baroque magnificence inside. Coloured frescoes on the ceiling and patterns with coloured stones make these churches very interesting and attractive.

This tour includes la Chiesa della Concezione inside the Capo Market, which is a little church with one of the best Baroque sicilian master- craftsman work, Santa Caterina Church and Casa Professa.


Entrance fees (not included):Chiesa della Concezione approx. € 2,00 – Santa Caterina approx € 3,00 and Casa Professa approx.€ 5,00

Duration of the tour: This is a half day tour, it lasts 3 hours.



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