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Medieval Palermo tour

Palermo was invaded and conquered in the 9th century by Muslims, commonly known as Saracens, who imported and grew lemons, oranges, pistachios, as well as their distinctive geometric compact Arabic architecture which had a particular persistent influence on the following Sicilian styles, especially after the Norman conquest when splendid churches and a new Royal Palace were built. The Island was a landmark in the high medieval wave of Latin Christian expansion across the Mediterranean world but its multicultural aspect was never destroyed or forgotten .

The Arab-Norman Itinerary, includes a visit to the splendid Palatine Chapel renowned for its marvelous mosaics, the Cathedral of Palermo built at the place of the great mosque and the ex monastery Saint John of the Hermits with the exotic red domes and a cute garden.


Entrance fees (not included):Palatine Chapel € 8,00 – Saint John of the Hermits € 6,00

Duration of the tour: This is a half day tour, it lasts 3 hours.




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