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Galileo Galilei

This itinerary leads the visitor on the footsteps of the famous Pisan scientist Galileo Galilei. Starting from the Cathedral Square, where it is said that Galileo Galilei made his first experiments about the Law of Gravity and the Isochronism of the Pendulum, we proceed walking along Via Santa Maria to reach The Royal Palace that once belonged to the Medici, powerfull and renowned Florentine family that supported Galilei throughout his troubled life.

It was on the top of the Torre della Verga d’Oro, a tower attached to the main body of the Palace, that Galilei showed to the Grand Duke Francesco I the using of the telescope and the satellites of Jupiter that he had discovered. Not far from the Royal Palace stands La Sapienza, a XV c. palace wanted by Lorenzo the Magnificent for holding lessons of the University of Pisa.

Here Galileo gave his lectures and still nowadays his personal chair is here kept. Contemporary artists keep consacrating the link between Pisa and one of its greatest citizens with their art, just like the frescoes decorating one of the rooms of La Sapienza palace, made by Adolfo de Carolis, and the monument that flanks the Guelph Tower, by Pietro Cascella.


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