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Guided tour of the etruscan museum

The etruscan museum of Rome is located in a XVIth century villa, formerly owned by Pope Julius III, where we can still admire its lovely painted ceilings and the beautiful Nymphaeum designed by architrect Bartolomeo Ammannati. The etruscan collection of the Villa Giulia Museum is laid out according to the excavation areas in which the artifacts were found. The many displayed objects only pertain to southern Etruria (the area inhabited by this ancient civilization). We will admire the Apollo of Veii, the Sarcofago degli Sposi (the sarcophagus of the married couple), the Cista Ficoroni, many Greek vases, the black terra cotta pottery called "bucchero" (a bronze imitation that is a typical etruscan product) and, above all, the Castellani collection, a display of superb jewelry.

The visit include

Apollo of Veii, Sarcofago degli Sposi, Cista Ficoroni, many Greek vases, black terra cotta pottery ("bucchero"), Castellani jewelry collection.

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