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Guided tour of Spada gallery

Most of the pieces exposed in the Spada Gallery are part of the private collection of Cardinal Bernardino Spada, an important personality from the XVIIth century. Palazzo Spada houses the Council of State since 1927 and was built, not far from Palazzo Farnese, in 1540 by the architect Bartolomeo Baronino, for Cardinal Girolamo Capodiferro (the pontifical treasurer) In 1632 it was bought by Cardinal Bernardino Spada upon his return to Rome, who used it as his roman residence. Today the building is the Council of State's headquarters, but a section holds the Spada Gallery. The collection includes paintings by Guido Reni, Carracci, Passarotti, Parmigianino and Solimena. Among its pieces we will admire Andrea del Sarto's "Visitation", Guercino's "Dido's Death", Cardinal Spada's "Portrait" by Guido Reni, two canvases by Atremisia Gentileschi (painted by the artist right before she left Rome) and Borromini's trompe-l'oeil false perspective (baroque illusion) in the arcaded courtyard.

The visit include

Galleria Spada with paintings by Artemisia Gentileschi, Jan Brueghel the Elder, Guido Reni, Guercino.. and, since Palazzo Spada isn't very big, a tour of the Palazzo Farnese district.

Other visits to ancient Rome

Spada gallery and its collection. Doria Pamphilj gallery the palace and the paintings. Colonna gallery the palace and the paintings Borghese gallery statues and paintings Barberini gallery the palace and the paintings


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Our guided walking tour


.You can book your visits at any time

.Entries and transportation are never included in the cost of the visit

.Closed on monday

.Duration 3 hours (except Borghese gallery, illuminated Rome 2.30 hours)

.To visit the churches a proper attire is required.


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