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Patricia : I arrived in Florence , in 1982 to attend the "Accademia delle Belle arti" (School of fine arts) , after obtaining my master's degree in art history and archaeology at the University of Strasbourg . I spent eight marvellous years there and then i went to Sidney, where i lived for three years , to work on a project on Roman Archaeology in collaboration with Sidney university . I returned to Rome , Italy , where i fell in love with the eternal city . In 1999 i became a certified english speaking guide of Rome .

Elvira : Originally from Parma, I have been living in Florence for much of my life. After I studied history of art at the University of Florence, in 1998 I decided to transform my passion into a job and I became an Official Tour Guide of Florence. During my tours I want to show everything the city has to offer, from its history to the curiosity, starting from the great people who transformed Florence into a famous city worldwide

Capri and Ischia
Amalfi, Ravello
Lake Maggiore

SERENA: I was born in Siena and I learnt foreign languages at the high school, later I attended university, the faculty of political sciences. I travelled and I studied abroad to improve languages. After the degree, I followed a special course to be a guide. I like my job so much and during the tours I always try to show everything the city has to offer and, moreover, the curiosities and anecdotes

Martina : I was born in Venice and graduated at Bologna University as an interpreter and translator in English and German. After spending several years abroad I returned to Venice to study art history in order to become an officialy authorised tourist guide. I have always been fascinated by my city and my job allows me to disclose its many secrets to visitors. I hope you will give me the opportunity to make you experience this unique city through my passion

Anna : I am specialized at the University of Florence in the field of Tourism and since. For many years I am interested in the history of art generally, and particularly of Tuscan art. Therefore, I would like to share with you my life-long interest and invite you to discover the beauties of the province of Lucca and Pisa, where I work as a official guide.

Nathalie I am French and I've lived in Italy since 1995 when I get married and moved to Bologna, the city which enchanted me the very first time I visited it. I first studied in France and received a degree in art and philosophy, with a specific concentration in Tourism. As a licenced tour-guide in France, I have been working as a Tour leader in Europe and worldwide since 1993 and I passed the exam to become an official tour-guide in Bologna in 2002. Travelling is a real passion that I inherited from my father: thanks to him, we moved 34 times in 30 years, and once lived in Polynesia! In Italy our profession as a tour-guide is strictly regulated in order to give our visitors the best services, and make them feel the “true Bolognese soul”.

Sara : I have a degree in Social Sciences from the Zancan Foundation in Padua, Italy. I moved to Mantua with my family and have been an "Italian Blue Badge" guide here since 1999. I have decided to share my love of this area with those who want to discover artistic and enogastronomical treasures in Mantua. Unfortunately there is no space here to mention the many wonderful artistic riches that our area offers.

Alessandra I was born in Milano and I have studied and worked abroad for many years before moving to Liguria in 1987. I live on the coast and I know very well the secrets of the wonderful city of Genoa and the charming villages on the Riviera! I will take you around a city that has truly changed in the last twenty years , especially after the opening of the Aquarium and the restoration of the historic centre, the biggest one in Europe: you have many good reasons to visit Genoa: museums, Renaissance palaces, the narrow alleys of the medieval town and the old port area. I work very often with cruise ships passengers and with groups coming from all over the world to visit both the city and the Riviera, with fascinating tours both in the city and on the coast, by bus, by boat and on foot when the excursion takes us in the footpaths of the park of Portofino.

ANTONELLA : She loves two things in life: her children and her job! She was born in Naples and she feels she belong to this city and she likes very much to take people around and she likes to adapt the visits to anybody’s need and interest. She is an “old” tour guide, she has been working for 24 years!! She started as a guide but then she specialised in itineraries concerning art, history, painting and she likes very much to mix everything offering a tour which for everybody, never boring or repetitive; not many names and dates in her commentary but the sense of history and love for the city.

Sonia : My name is Sonia. I live in Torino, where I grew up. After obtaining my Degree in Science Education, I discovered my passion for languages (German, English, French) and for communication in general. That is why I have always chosen a profession where interpersonal skills are important. Siince 1996 I have been working as a Tourist Guide. The fascination of this job lies in breathing life into things that would otherwise remain silent to the hurried glance. It's a job that requires constant researching and leads to "discoveries" which I then like to share with the travelers I take on tour. What customers like about my talks is the vividness and the clarity. Many of them contact me again or recommend me to their friends, because they appreciate my empathetic approach, which transforms every visit into a friendly encounter.

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